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What clasp?

I spoke to some clients, especially older, who told me that they have a problem with closing necklaces, pendants with standard clasps. I have these problems myself. Hmm, maybe the front closure could be the solution, but what kind? Definitely not the bolt clasp which is so ugly that you don’t want to expose it and not easy to use it. You can make the open necklaces but some people don’t want to wear them as they do afraid to loose them. The other possibility is widely used toggle clasp. More comfortable, but not really pretty as well. More possibility gives us the hook clasp. I sketched some designs which I quite like, but I think the best would be the bespoke magnetic clasp, designed individually to each necklace. Next days I am going to produce some prototypes and if they work, I will be able to enclose them to my necklaces design.

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