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Important - why I can offer ONLY UK shipment from my website

I am still improving my website, looking for the best service I can give to my clients. Today I found information about international shipment - rules changed from 1 July 2021. According to these rules all goods imported to the EU will be subject to VAT.

If the UK seller is not registered to Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) the purchaser / recipient of his goods must pay any Local VAT prior to delivery. He will be contacted by the carrier to arrange payment. This procedure will make all process long, expensive and uncomfortable for the buyer.

The solution could be selling through marketplace like eBay, Amazon etc. It is the responsibility of that marketplace to collect applicable EU VAT charges on goods and pay them to the relevant EU Tax authority via the IOSS system.

That’s why I decided to open Etsy and Amazon shops. If anyone outside UK would like to buy my jewellery, please do through these shops. Links will be on “Shipping & Returns” page.

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